About Us

This is Dinesh Kardam a young, passionate and a successful Entrepreneur today in a network marketing business company called “Vestige Marketing Private Limited” since July 2016. With all hardships and challenges, he faced everything with dedication and enthusiastic attitude and now he is in the one of Top earner in a very short period and helping the no. of lives of many young minds and hearts to achieve their goals and passion. He is the founder of Millionaire club, where millions of people are inspiring to live a dedicated- based life for their goals and family.

Moving ahead to the journey, Dinesh still is in the learning mode attitude with the World’s best personal development trainer Tony Robbins to stimulate and encourage individuals to align their purpose, culpability, vision and principle of eminence. He has traveled 5 countries and exploring more brighter things of the world. Today, he is rising like a Brightest star in this galaxy, with the mission to stimulate and progress in other lives. Dinesh has a great mentorship and possess a high intelligence and an experience to handle the challenges very flexibly. His vision of life is to identify and recognize the needs of the humankind and dispense them the right business opportunities that authorize people to focus on their dreams by providing them the best Educational System, Learning Modalities and an overall development spectrums to build sustainable, abiding profits, duplicable, biggest Business.

Dinesh lives in New Delhi with his family. He is a great person both in and out with a down to earth persona. He is a responsible son, loving brother and a generous human being.